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Gothic Roman Catholic church

Natural beauties around Moldava

Zádiel´s valley

The valley belongs amongst the most beautiful places in the Slovak carst and it has become of a great value even abroad of the country thanks to its natural value. Slovak carst is the largest carst area in Central Europe. The vastness of the limestone layers without impermeable rock inlays enabled the extensive process of the carsting.
The most beautiful morphological structure of the Slovak carst is undoubtedly the Zádiel valley gap. Millions of years the water of Blahnický creek washed out the llimestone rocks and thus widened its channel. The gap is directed from the north to the south, somewhere its walls are vertical. In the top two thirds they are widening to the "V" shape.

Štos Spa

The spa is situated in the southeast of Slovakia o­n the edge of Spišské Rudohorie and Slovak carst. It lies near a mining road leading from Medzev to Smolník, in a lovely mixed wood forest full of firs and spruces. The mountaneous climate is very healthy and stimulating. The spa lies 650 metres above the sea level, there are many sunny days during the year. According the the Swiss clasification the spa belongs in the 1st degree climatherapeutical group.

Jasovská Cave

It is o­ne of the oldest caves in Slovakia famous for its rich, various and colourful sinter decoration as well as historical and archaelogical sites. Its is a place where bats hibernate in winter. The sinter decoration has various shapes and structures, such as mural waterfalls in the Old and Bat´s Houses, stalagmites in the Bear´s Hall, and also thin white finery o­n the ceiling of the Big and White Houses in Brko´s Corridor. A stone canopy which forms the Altar is the dominant part of the Old House. There is also the most monumental stalagnite of the cave which has grown up to 5,5 metres.The Big House is said to be the most beautiful part of the cave, that the  public can see. The nature has revelled here and made the most various and colourful structures.

Šugov valley

Lies near Medzev, which has an ideal position and natural conditions for tourism. The valley has always been a place of touristic activities.

Jasov´s ponds

The system of ponds and lake is suitable for bathing and fishing. A path to the cave and Jasov´s rock leads this way too.

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