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The Roman-Catholic Church

The Roman-Catholic Church situated in its historical centre. Contemporary documents confirm that already before 1290 a brick church stood in Moldava. In 15th century under the king Matej Korvín´s rule on its bases there was a church in the Gothic style built (as the St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice).

The church was originally a three-nave church with a long presbytery. In the last third of the 18th century its side sanctuaries were destroyed during the Baroque reconstruction. The church is consecrated to the Holly Ghost that is reflected in the coat of arms of the town - a dove. The dove with spread wings can be also seen above the main altar.

This altar is in the New Gothic style made in 1896. The tower of the church is on the western side and has three bells. Southwards the tower there is an additional building of Chapel of the God´s Grave situated. There is a legend, which ascribes significance to a Franciscan monk in the Counter-reformation, remembered in the local traditions as the father Herkó up to day. According to the legend he didn´t hesitate to head the soldiers with arms in their hands and in such way turn the Protestants to the belief. His portrait is carved in a stone with the year of his death - 1686. This building is recorded in the list of the cultural monuments.

The Southern Portal of the Roman-Catholic Church

The Southern Portal of the Roman-Catholic Church has all characteristic signs of the Gothic stonecutter´s workshop of the Košice cathedral. It is probably a work of the same craftsmen or their followers who built the St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice.

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